For some, thinking about planning a boudoir photo shoot is intimidating. For others, it can feel natural. No matter your expectations, by the end of your session you will feel confident and happy that you did it!

In case you were wondering what exactly a boudoir photo shoot entailed, here’s what happens during a Lp photography boudoir photo shoot: 

A Day of Pampering: 

I’ve photographed many hard-working women; nurses, mothers, mothers-to-be, hairstylists, business owners etc. And all these women deserved a day of pampering. Lp photography works with several Hair & Makeup Artist and we make sure our clients have a day of relaxation and a stress a free environment. When they enter the studio, they leave the hustle and bustle behind and have a day all about them. It’s not every day (for most) where you get to be done up with a beautiful hairstyle and makeup galore. 


Outfit, Props & Accessories: 

Your day of pampering also involves outfit, props and accessory ideas. This is a time to feel like a model and dress yourself up (or down) with how you want to look and feel. I’ve had many clients who like lingerie, nudity, sport jerseys, furs, some even like to bring their wedding vail and/or garter. It’s all about what makes you feel good. We like to guide our clients in this department but we never tell you what to wear, because it is your day, not ours.  



Every Boudoir Photographer has their own choice of location. Some shoot in studios, in homes, hotels or even a Bed & Breakfast. It all depends on where the photographer is located and what type of style you are looking for. I like to photograph in a studio, there always great windows and you have a lot of freedom in what you can use.



While many women do boudoir just for their own self-empowerment, many of my clients also use their images as a gift for that special someone. Some of the products I regularly offer as gift ideas include: traditional prints, metal prints, photo albums, or a sleek gift box containing a glass USB drive and one print. However, I also love collaborating and working on new ideas with clients to make sure their boudoir photoshoot is everything they want whether they plan on sharing their photos or not.


*Here is another article, The Misconception of Boudoir Photography, that might answer some other questions for you.

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