I love going through old photo albums with my Grandmother. The spelling of “Grandmother” is widely disputed among my siblings, but I hold strong that “Gramma” is the appropriate spelling.

When I recall memories of looking at those photographs I don’t really remember each picture. Instead, my consciousness returns to her house: the distinct smell, the old wood-burning stove, the feel of the carpet under my feet, Grammas laugh, her glasses, sharing chocolate dessert, the local newspaper on the coffee table, the dog wondering why no one is petting her, the bird feeders on the porch, the way the ice formed from the roof, plus a million more details that are beyond description. 

Sometimes—NO—most of the time a photograph evokes more than just an image of a person or a family. A photograph can be a memory of a person or a memory of an event. It’s like the “a picture is worth a thousand words” but multiplied by a million.

Every few years when Gramma and I, and whoever else happens to be at Gramma’s house at the time, open a photo album it’s less about laughing at the same baby pictures and making the same jokes about our 90s outfits—the memory I take away is the time spent with Gramma.

Fast-forward sixty years to when I am my Gramma’s age. Will I be showing my granddaughter pictures of her mother through the holographic screen of an iPhone25? How quickly will my granddaughter lose interest of our shared experience when I need to scroll through sixty years of Facebook photos? What will my granddaughter’s memories be of me in a fully digital, instant-access, high-speed world?

In it’s original and purest form, a photograph is not an image viewed on a computer screen and then emailed to family and friends. A photograph is a conversation, the photograph itself is a memory, but oftentimes the memory surrounding the photograph can be more important the image itself.

I always feel proud when I return to a client’s house and see one of my pictures prominently displayed on their wall. I’m not just happy they liked the image I captured, I’m excited for all of the future memories that framed picture will create for that family.

In my opinion, when it’s all said and done, those are the things in life that really matter. My Website is all about capturing unforgettable moments, but the only way it can be unforgettable is if it’s there for everyone to see and experience.

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