I am often asked, “what is maternity boudoir photography?” It’s simple–it’s another elegant and unique way to capture the amazing moments in your life and body. Some might not be comfortable with this type of maternity shoot style, which is totally fine and very understandable. But if you’re thinking about taking the leap, and showing off your changing body, definitely do so!

Not sure If Maternity Boudoir Is For You?

One of my photography specialties is maternity boudoir, and many who do not know about this genre are surprised when they first hear about it, “I could never do that. I would look awful” or, “that seems like a strange thing to do.” Well, let me set the record straight — you don’t look awful, and pride in your growing baby isn’t strange! You might be surprised that more and more women are ditching the gown and really showing off their body.

While many women love being pregnant, many others do not. Many expectant moms feel tired, bloated, or “unattractive.” If you feel that way, you must be thinking that you could never look like the maternity boudoir images shared below. But, trust me, you can!

Don’t Question Your Beauty!

That is the power of photography. My lens can capture much more than “outer beauty.” As long as you’re proud of the baby you are nurturing inside of you; that love shine through in your finished images. And as always, your boudoir maternity photos don’t have to be shared with others, you can keep them as private or shareable as you’d like.

Many women also like to book a maternity boudoir shoot because it’s relaxing to step back and enjoy the moment and realize how resilient your body really is! Most of the moms I have worked with have found the experience empowering, and are so glad they can cherish the images forever. Most photographers, like myself, provide hair and makeup services, which totally adds to the fun because you get to loosen up, drink a “mock-tail” (an alcohol-free beverage) and be the model for the day. Who wouldn’t enjoy that?

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