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May 4, 2019

Branding | Why Creating A Brand Is Essential For Your Business

In order to grow your small business you need a strong brand, it is essential for success. When I started my photography business, Lp photography, I didn’t have a brand. I knew I wanted to do portrait photography, but I didn’t know what area I wanted to specialize in, the type of clients I was looking for, or how to create a brand. But as I gained more experience, I knew that boudoir, maternity and newborn photography were going to be my specialities. I knew the clients I was looking to work with and the way I wanted my business to come across: high-end, sophisticated, and elegant. Once I learned more about the exact direction I wanted to take my business, I knew it was time to build a brand.

What is Branding?

Before I give you the main reasons branding is important for your business, let me help you understand what branding is. Branding is much more than a logo, it’s about the colors and fonts, your website, your social media accounts, how you advertise, your costumer service etc.. In other words, it’s all about how clients perceive your business and the experience they have with you.

These are the colors I use for my business, as well as some of my logos and fonts. 

Why Branding Is Important

Increases The Value & Recognition Of  Your Business

Having a brand makes your business stable, confident, invaluable, and recognizable, which increases your worth.

Memorable And Powerful

Your logo design is your identity, it’s what makes you memorable. Alone, a logo can easily attract potential clients, it’s a way to express your brand.

Trust, Confidence And Credibility

A strong brand produces trust, confidence and credibility, which puts clients at ease because they know what to expect.

Set Apart From Other Businesses

Your brand is what separates you from other businesses. For example, the photography world is very competitive, which means I had to find a way to standout and creating a brand is key.

Helps You Grow & Attracts More Clients

Having a brand displays experience, dedication, and success, which helps the growth of your business. A brand shows establishment, and potential clients want to work with a well-established business.

Check out how the brand of  Lp photography was built!

Putting together the possible fonts, logos, and colors for your brand is a good way to have visual consistency.

Make sure your brand is consistent with your social media. For example, here are some of the images I use for my instagram posts. 

Adding a face to  your business gives your clients trust and confidence in what you do. Thats why an email signature is important.

An inspirational board is a good way to get the juices flowing

I have three business card designs, for my three types of photography: boudoir, maternity, and newborn. Here is the front and back design of my newborn business card.

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