There might have been that time where you considered scheduling a Boudoir Photo Shoot but you ended up backing out, thinking, “this type of shoot is only meant for super models, and I am not a super model”. Well I am here to tell you, that’s absolutely not true!

I really love photographing all types of women for boudoir; curvy women, tattooed women, shy women, older women, outgoing women, brides, moms, wives, pregnant women etc.. I find photographs to be very powerful, so I love to create artistic images that show the beauty in every one of us, there isn’t and should not be one definition of beauty.

It can be a scary event to jump into, but trust me; once you start to work with me (or many other photographers) it really turns into a fun time. Some women even find it to be a life changing experience. It can help you step outside your comfort zone and make you feel more confident with your body and finding your unique beauty. You might not be the stereotypical super model but who cares; you’re your own super model.

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