Knowing how to prepare for your newborn photo shoot can make the day go smoothly. This is why I created a quick and simple outline for my readers. I also put together some maternity shoot tips, you can check them out at, How To Prepare For Your Maternity Photo Shoot!

Free Printable Newborn Photo Shoot Checklist!


Newborns are used to being in the womb where it is nice and warm, so now that they entered the world they get cold very easily. That’s why it’s important to keep the room at 80 degrees (make sure the room isn’t any warmer than 80 degrees). It will be hot for most of us, but it’ll be perfect for the baby, which will make the shoot go more smoothly.  

Dress The Baby In Loose Clothing 

It’s helpful to loosen the little ones diaper and dress them in loose clothing, before their shoot. This keeps them from getting lines and creases on their skin.

 What To Wear 

If you and/or partner and/or children will be getting photos with your new little one, it’s best to wear solid colors rather than patterns, patterns and logos can turn the focus away from the baby. Try to keep your clothing simple, with neutral and soft colors. It’s also important to keep everyone from wearing the same color. This causes too much blending.  

Prepare Bedroom 

Since I travel to my client’s homes, sometimes I will photograph in the bedroom and/or nursery, so it is important to declutter. For example, 

  1. You’ll want to make the bed, it’s best to have white, creamy or light grey sheets and/or comforter.
  2. Don’t forget to clear nightstands, they’ll usually be in the background, so you’ll want it to be nice and neat. 

 Before Feeding 

1. Foods not to eat 

If nursing, avoid spicy foods or drinking/eating acid citrus juices and fruits, it can upset the baby’s tummy and will feel uncomfortable and not sleep. 

2. Nursing 

I highly recommend if you’re solely breastfeeding, to pump and bottle feed your milk for your baby’s session. Some moms have breastfed for up to an hour, which delays the session. 

Quiet House 

Since it’s an exciting time, I know you’ll want to have family members over. But when it comes to your newborn shoot, you’ll want it to be you, your partner and just your children. We want it to be a calm environment, which is key to a successful shoot.

Email, Text Or Call Photographer 

Since babies are photographed between birth to 10 days old, it is important to notify me when your little one has arrived. Every photographer knows and understand it’s a crazy time, so a quick text or email always works for me. 

How Long Are Newborn Photo Sessions? 

Make sure the day of your shoot is completely open. Newborn shoots can last between 3-4 hours, so we don’t want anyone feeling stressed or rushed.  

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