Like any small business, you learn more and more as you grow. For me, I’ve learned the importance of offering collections to clients rather than digital images (other than the digitals I provide in addition to a client’s product choice), because I want my clients to see their photos everyday, rather than hidden away on the USB.

It happens all too often when we get our photos via USB; we may plan on purchasing an album or printing and framing our favorite photos, but it’s one of those projects that we put off so many times. Next thing you know, that USB, filled with memories, is now in the junk drawer and forgotten about. That’s why my goal is to make it easy for my clients, so I provide collections, such as; a photo album, a memory box, framed images etc. then put that collection together for them.

Boudoir Clients

Most of my boudoir clients like to purchase the handmade boudoir album. This is the best way to keep your images private, while still easy to get to and are always on elegant display.

Maternity & Newborn Clients

Many maternity and newborn clients like the Memory Box. The memory box is handcrafted from bamboo along with high-end matted prints. This is a great choice because the box is easily accessible and can be put on the coffee table for everyone to see. The handmade photo album is also popular because when clients love a lot of images, it’s easy to fill an album. There’s also debossing that can be put on the front of the album, where a lot of newborn clients like to put their baby’s name and birthdate on the cover.

Check out some of the collections I provide my clients!

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