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September 22, 2018

 The Misconception Of Boudoir Photography 

Yes, (boudoir is) about showing some skin – but it’s also about how the skin is shown…” (Amy Sandoval)

Boudoir photography can be seen as tacky, inappropriate, or crude, but that simply isn’t true. I collaborate with my clients to create high-end, tasteful, and sophisticated images. Boudoir photography  is really controlled by the client with what they want to wear, how they want to be seen, and who actually sees their images.

It’s important to know that boudoir clients are made up of all types of women. I’ve photographed moms, nurses, hairdressers, college professors, etc. Actually, most of my clients tend to be shy and apprehensive to show off their body, it is something they don’t usually do.    

Over the years, the “definition” of boudoir has evolved from different classifications. As I mentioned above, today, boudoir is seen more as high-end, like Elle or L’Officiel Magazine. But back in the 1920’s, it was mainly illegal to have nudity in images. But photographers, like Albert Arthur Allen, created the finest images of boudoir, which focused mostly on larger women and elaborate backgrounds. Then in the 1940’s it was all about the pin-up models. It was more desirable to have curvy women, the lack of shape wasn’t popular or appealing during that time.  

Marisa Leigh makes a great point, “In a world that often shows only the thinnest and “most perfect” …on TV, in movies and in magazines, boudoir photography stands out for its celebration of real women’s bodies. It represents real women at their most vulnerable and their most confident, which is incredibly empowering.” I know this blog post won’t single-handedly change most people’s misconception of boudoir photography, but it is a start. Every woman should take an opportunity to put their best physical assets on display, feel sexy, classy, and push their comfort zone–within reason, of course. Remember: it is entirely up to the client what they want to wear and who will see their photos.

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