Congrats! If you made it to this page there is a good chance you have a little one on the way and (if you haven’t already) you may be interested in booking a Maternity/Maternity Boudoir Photo Shoot! Well, Lp photography is here to help you prepare for that exciting day.

A couple months back, I wrote a short blog post on How To Prepare For Your Newborn Shoot and I thought it would be helpful to also create a short list on how to prepare for your Maternity Photo Shoot! These tips can help make sure your shoot goes smoothly and that you will receive the best images possible.


Free Printable Maternity Photo Shoot Check List!

What To Wear 

I recommend wearing a gown or long dress for outside photo shoots (fitted or flowy). For inside photo shoots, clients can mix it up with gowns, lingerie and/or the “comfy” look. I highly recommend or buying from MI, or J& It’s best to wear solid colors rather than patterns (for both partners, if they’re going to be a part of the photo shoot), patterns & logos can turn the focus away from the belly. If photographing outside, it looks best for men to wear jeans and a button up (it’s okay for button ups to have a small pattern).

When Photographing Outside, Location Is Key!

When you talk with your Photographer, one of the first things you’ll discuss is location. If you are not planning on shooting at their study, let then know of any meaningful or just simply beautiful location you had in mind. It’s all about what you are looking for. You can always ask for suggestions, if you can’t think of one.

The Small Stuff

  • Some women choose to get their hair and makeup professionally done for their session. I always let Clients know that this NOT a requirement! I just give them the idea, in case they didn’t think of the option.
  • For maternity boudoir photo sessions – wear loose clothing before your session to prevent clothing lines.

Outside Photo Shoot Timing: The Golden Hour

If the location is outside, it is important to arrive on time. The most beautiful photos are shot during the Golden Hour, so you want to make sure you catch the best light. When you are making arrangements, it’d be best if you included time for travel and traffic.

Other Tips

  1. Small details like having manicured nails and not wearing a wrinkled outfit can help ease your worry.
  2. It may help to prepare your outfits the night before, along with the wanted accessories (flower headband, necklace, bracelet etc.)
  3. I like to offer one to two outfits for outside sessions and up to 3 outfits for indoor sessions, halfway through the session (this gives you variety). When photographing outside, if there isn’t a changing location, no worries! I have a pop-up changing tent that I bring with me.

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