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July 4, 2017

10 Tips For Your Cross-Country Trip

1. Book Your Campsite Ahead Of Time

Luckily for us, we booked all of our campsites ahead of time. Don’t count on just showing up and having a campsite available, it’s not nearly as easy in the summer months.

South Beach State Park, Newport, OR


Grizzly Creek Campground, CA

Ainsworth Campground, OR

Round Lake State Park, ID


Crystal Cranes Hot Springs, Burns, OR


Bluebill Campground, North Bend, OR


2. Be Aware Of Where Your Dog Can And Cannot Go

You’d also think a lot of campsites and National Parks would allow dogs but surprisingly, thats not the case. We didn’t have a dog ourselves but we noticed that all the sites we went to had signs telling us that dogs were not allowed. So if you don’t want to sleep in the car (which isn’t terrible, we’ve done it), I’d do a little research ahead of time to see where your dog is allowed to stay.

Fisherman’s Wharf, Monterey, CA

3. National Park Pass

Buying the National Park Annual Pass is important. You pay one flat rate of $80 and you have access to more than 2,000 recreation areas. The proceeds are used to improve and enhance federal recreation sites. What’s also great is that it ends up paying for itself after as few as 5 visits to federal lands!

Crater Lake National Park, OR


Lewis And Clark National Forest, MT

4. Talk To Locals

You can find the best restaurants, hiking trails, scenic roads, and more when you chat with the locals.

5. Take The Scenic Roads

I HIGHLY recommend on bringing the book “National Geographic Guide to Scenic Highways and Byways” (here’s a link to the book, it starts at $1.99!). We wouldn’t have seen everything that we did without this book. It provides detailed stopping points on many famous routes but also beautiful roads less travelled. Times-Picayune states, “This is the book for those who want…to take the slow route…get out of the car and walk around and look and talk to the people.”


(I was not aware of this documentation)



6. Eat Local

If you’re on an adventure, eat as an adventurer. Its also nice to help the local businesses and it’s fun to mix it up. Stay away from those chain restaurants.

7. Phone Down, Eyes Up

It can be hard to put your phone down but if you are taking a cross-country trip, what’s the point of staring at your phone? Today, people like sharing what they are doing on a daily bases via social media. Cat videos and pictures of what your friends are eating can wait. On an epic trip you will want to share, and people will want to see what you are doing, but don’t forget to take it in yourself. Live in the moment. 

8. Start Your Day Early

It’s probably obvious, but it’s important to start your day early, especially if your vacation time is short, you want to see as much as possible. Plus, you have a better chance on seeing wildlife early in the morning. Plus, a sunrise is never a disappointment.

Beartooth Pass, WY

9. Don’t Rush Your Trip

If you have the time, I recommend not rushing your trip, take those back roads and spend extra time at those scenic routes. We were lucky enough to have a month off for our road trip but we still could have used more time!

10. Keep Momentos

I like keeping a journal and collecting mementos along the way. These keepsakes are a way to hold onto where you’ve been and how you got there. Our road trip was so packed with excitement that we could barely remember what we had done two days earlier (again, stay in the moment). Reading the journal even a month after returning home was like going on our trip all over again.


Check out more photos (via Nikon & iPhone)!

Multnomah Falls, OR

San Fransisco, CA


Yellowstone National Park, WY


Grand Prismatic Springs, Yellowstone National Park, WY

Redwood National Park, CA


Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA


Sterling Vineyard, Napa Valley, CA


Beartooth Pass, WY


San Fransisco, CA


Bixby Creek Bridge, Route 1, CA


Wallowa Lake, OR


Round Lake State Park, ID


Lewis And Clark National Forest, MT


Yellowstone National Park, WY


Crystal Cranes Hot Springs, Burns, OR


Route 1, CA






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