Today, boudoir photography is starting to be understood as a form of art, rather than distasteful or inappropriate. It’s a form of photography that captures graceful imagery, not unseeingly imagery.

Although boudoir photo shoots may involve lingerie and sometimes nudity, the main idea isn’t about what the person isn’t wearing, it is about their elegance and allure. It’s about creating artistic images that make the client feel beautiful in their own skin.

Well said by Live View Studios, “For me, [boudoir] is about creating tasteful images that aren’t overly sexualized, that showcase beauty, femininity, elegance, and grace. I think the ability to see onesself in a beautiful, feminine way, builds self-confidence. It’s also is a way to see yourself in an artistic form.”


“It seems to me, most women just want to be beautiful, and that’s what boudoir is all about.” — Mike Cassidy,

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