Last year I shared my Top Photos of 2016 and wanted to do the same for 2017. I always enjoy going back and looking through the final edits of each Client. What I always learn from this is that each Client has their own unique look, style and preference. And, without further ado, here are the Top 10 Photos of 2017 by Lp photography!

I’ve shared this photo of Tiffany many times, it is bold and beautiful. Here we are at Old Silver Beach in Falmouth, MA. Go to my blog post, Old Silver Beach Maternity Photo Shoot to see more of her elegant images!

This is Baby London, all cozied up at home in Boston, MA.

My boudoir Client, Samantha, allowed me to submit one of her images to Femme Rebelle Magazine, where I was published in their October 2017 Issue. Her Hair & Makeup was done by M.A.W. Beauty Hair & Makeup Studio in Cumberland, RI

I love Maternity Boudoir Photography, it’s a special way to document your changing body. I chose this as one of my top images because I find it to be a very expressive and tasteful photograph.

I book a lot of Belly To Baby packages, this is when I get to photograph a Client’s Maternity & Newborn Photo Shoot. It’s neat to watch as my Clients lives change in such an amazing way, and I’m the one who gets to capture it!

This is another top photo because the image is seductive and sultry AND my model looks gorgeous!

I absolutely love this photograph of the Albert family. They look truly happy and I was excited to get their cute bull dog as well. Go to my blog post, Meet Baby Graham!, to check out more of their shots!

Meet Charlotte aka Charlie at 7 days old. Almost all of my newborns have been baby boys, so it was fun to change it up and photograph a baby girl. Go to my blog post, Meet Baby Charlie Anne, to see more of her images!

Meet Rachel, one of my bridal boudoir Clients. I chose this as one of my top 10 photos because I love the chic, elegant and sophisticated feel.

Meet more of the Gutierrez family! I’ve been photographing Blaise (center) even before he arrived (I photographed his parents maternity shoot), so I’ve met a lot of his family members. This was the first time I got to meet some of his cousins. I will always love this photo because it is adorable and shows true happiness.




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