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July 10, 2017

5 Things Every Newborn Photographer Should Have

1. A 50mm Prime Lens and/or a 35mm Prime Lens and a Micro Lens

My main lens for my newborn photo shoots is the 50mm 1.8 Nikon lens. I love this lens because it takes amazingly sharp images and allows me to create shallow depth of field and a wonderful bokeh (blurry) background.

When it comes to shooting the family photographs, I like to use the 35mm lens. Since a lot of the family photos are shot in the bedroom, it’s best to use this lens because it’s great in small spaces and has a fast aperture in low-light.

Micro lenses aren’t a must but they’re perfect for those close-up, detailed shots like the cute fingers and toes images.

2. Newborn Posing Beanbag

In order to create those elegant newborn images, you need a posing beanbag. The posing beanbag is used as a platform to pose the newborns in those different positions. What’s also great about the beanbag is how low to the ground the bag is, this makes it easier for you to shoot.

3. Posing Pillows

Posing pillows are ESSENTIAL for your newborn shoot. They are used to prop the newborn’s arms, legs and head in different positions. You use these by placing them under the blankets, it helps create different posing ideas, which help create a unique posing storyline.


4. Backdrop Stand

In order to get those amazing images with the posing beanbag, posing pillows and backdrop blankets, you need a backdrop stand to set it all up.

5. Props: Wraps, Baskets & Bowls, Blankets, Hats & Headbands

Its important to have different props for your photo shoot, it adds variety to your images. But of course, you don’t want the props to be the main focus, that’s why it is important to choose props that are subtle.


Newborns like to be wrapped, they’re not use to being out of the womb just yet so they don’t like having their hands and feet all over the place. The wraps add elegance and comfort for the images and the baby.

Basket & Bowls

Baskets and bowls are cute props for your images. What is great about them too is how they can give perspective on how little the newborn is.


Blankets are essential, they’re used as the background of your images. I find that using blankets with texture can really add to the image.

Hats & Headbands

If you didn’t think you could make the baby any cuter for your shoot, just add a hat or headband! I like using these props because it adds a little more cuteness to your images.

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