May 9, 2017

For Photographers: How Shooting Less Is More

When you are a photographer, it is important to have a focus on what you shoot because it gives Clients the reassurance that you know what you are doing, and you are the best at what you do.

I’ve been exploring what my niche is and I’ve finally found that I love Boudoir, Maternity and Newborn Photography. I love these three different types of photography because they represent some really important points in ones life.


I love to shoot Boudoir Photography because I find it to be empowering for many women. Especially for women who’ve reached an important milestone in their lives. Instead of making boudoir a “sexy” shoot, I make it a “beautiful” shoot.

I enjoy shooting Elegant Maternity because it’s an artistic way to share a life changing experience with others. My maternity style is not traditional; this is one way to offer Clients something they can’t find anywhere else.

Newborn Photography is (obviously) a life changing time so I find it important to document this precious moment. It’s very much the same as my maternity photography; I shoot with an artistic feel instead of a traditional one. I want to stand out.

Instead of shooting all different types of photography, it is beneficial for you and your brand, to use what you are best at and give Clients your unique work. You want to be different because it will make you noticeable and professional, so shooting less genres of photography really gives your more Clients.

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